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Maths at Wolfson Hillel


At Wolfson Hillel, we follow the Mathematics Mastery Programme. The vision is for every child to enjoy and succeed in maths, regardless of their background. Evidence shows that pupils make more progress when they have been equipped to master a subject. They do this by understanding its fundamental concepts in sufficient depth that they can apply subject knowledge in unfamiliar contexts. Every Maths Mastery lesson is split into 6 parts. At each stage of a Mastery lesson, children are expected to chant, answer questions, talk to partners and use a range of manipulatives to support their learning. Children also take part in short Maths Meetings twice a week where they will spend time recapping concepts and revising prior learning.


Link to key representations (1 for each year group)

Link to curriculum map (1 for each year group)


Maths is taught daily in each year group and two teachers are in every maths lesson. Each year group has an array of resources to be used in lessons and children in KS2 are able to access these independently and choose their own resources to support their learning.

Children needing additional support are taught in a smaller group setting.  This group is fluid and changes with each unit, depending on need.

Every teacher is trained to teach the Mathematics Mastery programme and the subject lead provides any additional support staff may need, including updates and changes to the programme.

All classrooms have displays sharing the methods and manipulatives which can be used to solve different mathematical problems. The children and teachers regularly refer to these in their lessons and Maths Meetings.

Monitoring and Assessment

Before each unit begins, children will complete a pre-unit quiz. These quizzes assess the children on their prior knowledge from the year before. This enables teachers to assess for gaps in the children’s knowledge and use maths meetings and additional lessons to address these before moving on.

‘If we want to improve pupils’ future attainment, we need to focus directly on, and improve, their current attainment. What can be learnt is mainly determined by what is already known.’


Children are expected to use their reading skills in their maths lessons. Every Mastery lesson begins with chanting the key words for the lesson and children are taught how to look for key information in word problems by identifying the key words. Children also complete a partnered Talk Task where they must read a challenge and discuss it with their partner, developing their communication skills.

Provision for SEND pupils

There are 2 teachers present for every maths lesson. This allows for one teacher to take out a smaller group to ensure all children are able to go at their own pace and be successful in every lesson. Any children who are identified as needing extra support will receive this through interventions. Every Mastery lesson begins with a retrieval task, using a skill they have previously learnt to solve a problem. Regularly revisiting old topics helps the children to remember and apply the different methods and skills they have learnt. Regular discussions are had with the SENCO regarding supporting children with additional needs and how to provide a suitable maths provision for SEN children.

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