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Music is an important part of the daily life at Wolfson Hillel. There is a music specialist who teaches each class in a dedicated and well equipped music room. The school follows the National Curriculum guidelines for music which involves singing, playing instruments, music appreciation, composition and notation. Wolfson Hillel is a Jewish school, so much of the music is based on the many festivals throughout the Jewish calendar. The children enjoy performing shows to their parents throughout the year including music, drama and dance.


The school choir meets once a week after school for children in Year 4-6. The children learn vocal skills and sing songs from both the secular and Jewish traditions. The choir is proud to have performed recently at a Schools’ Choir Festival at the Arts Depot, North Finchley, the local Synagogue and Wembley Stadium!


The school orchestra meets once a week after school and is open to children in Key Stage 2 who play musical Instruments.

Music Tutoring

Any children in Key Stage 2 wishing to take up a musical instrument can learn in school time from one of our many visiting peripatetic teachers. There is a fee for these lessons.

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