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Voluntary Contributions


Voluntary contributions are to advance the education of pupils at Wolfson Hillel Primary School by the provision of resources, equipment, teaching and facilities for education in addition to those provided out of public funds. The voluntary contributions are essential if our school is to maintain its current standards and provision.

We are required by law to point out to you that you are not legally obliged to make your contribution nor does failure to make a contribution mean that your child will be treated any differently as a result. It is important to note that even a small contribution will make a difference.

See our video which gives you a flavour of all we have to offer at our wonderful school. This is a large file and may take a few moments to load.



Parental Voluntary Contributions are used to fund education and learning opportunities which could not be afforded based on the money we receive from the Government alone. The largest part of any school budget is spent on staff. Support from Voluntary Contributions means that Wolfson Hillel has generous staffing levels and can afford the three-teacher model ensuring Maths and English are taught in classes of 20 children and specialist staff to support the Music, Maths and Ivrit. This all contributes to our outstanding status.

Government funding is not designed to cover our Jewish studies programme. This is paid for through these contributions. Jewish studies is taught as both a separate subject and interwoven throughout the curriculum – Jewish holidays are celebrated in style.

The money provided by Voluntary Contributions also supports the provision of many added extras which collectively could not be afforded if we relied on Government funding alone. Examples of this include:-

  •  Investment in the Maths Mastery programme
  •  Specialist teaching and intervention activities for all children
  •  IT facilities for access across the curriculum in classes
  •   Additional support for children with special needs, provided before additional funding is received from the government
  •  Generous levels of training and professional development for staff to ensure that the quality of teaching remains outstanding
  •  Specialist facilities to support the emotional needs of children through our learning mentor and therapists
  •  Playground equipment

How To Pay

Your voluntary contribution can be spread out during the year.

The easiest way to make your Voluntary Contributions is by direct debit. 

If you would like to contribute by direct debit please click on the link below and you can set your monthly contribution at one of three levels suitable for you.


If you would like to contribute a different amount or would like any further information or support please contact Ewa at parentmail@jcat.co.uk

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